What is an E-currency Exchanger?

E-currency exchangers are intermediaries, or third party transfer services, that allow you to transfer funds easily from one e-wallet to another.

Payza-Authorized Exchangers

The following e-currency exchangers are authorized by Payza:

In-Exchange Only

In-Exchange and Out-Exchange

If you would like to transfer funds into or out of your Payza e-wallet from another e-wallet, you can do so using any of the exchangers listed above.

Payza performs due diligence on all its partners and performs ongoing transaction monitoring for transactions involving an exchanger.

Note: When transferring funds into or out of your Payza e-wallet using an e-currency exchanger, please allow for 24-48 hours processing time.

Important Notice

If you attempt to transfer funds with an e-currency exchanger not authorized by Payza, you will be in violation of our User Agreement. As a result of the violation, your account may be terminated.